Meet the Models

Here at Melody Lane, we are all about real life and making your personal style meet you right where you are, so we pride ourselves on using real life women and moms to model our clothing and accessories. These women we personally know and love, and their confidence and beauty shines both in the images you see and in our every day, real life interactions with them.

Meet Elena, Owner of Melody Lane

Elena lives in Florida. Her favorite pastimes are traveling, photography, volleyball, reading business, psychology and parenting books, and finding cool products, as well as running around and laughing with her energetic daughter. 
Height 5'11"
Bust 36", Waist 27", Hips 37"

Meet Dani, Owner of Melody Lane

Dani lives in North Carolina with her two kids. She is a stay/work-at-home mom whose joy is found in Jesus, spa days, and combating peanut butter cups & wine with workouts at the gym. She owns Dani Nicole Photography and is editor for Daily Mom.
Height 5'3"
Weight 105 lbs

Meet Kaylynn

Kaylynn is a full-time college student who juggles multiple jobs, with the long term goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. She loves Christ Jesus, singing, swimming, and horseback riding. She currently lives in South Carolina.
Height 5'7"
Weight 190 lbs

Meet Becky

Becky is a Charlotte, North Carolina native who is a busy wife and mom of 4 - two boys and two girls. She is a Christ follower, Crossfit enthusiast, and homeschools her children, all while eating clean and enjoying life to the fullest.
Height 5'6"
Weight 160 lbs

Meet Liz

Liz is a DINK wife who resides in North Carolina. She is an orthodontic assistant who loves antiquing with her hubby, drinking good wine, and hitting up small town boutiques for the latest fashionable finds. 
Height 5'3"
Weight 115 lbs

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie lives in Tennessee and is the corporate accountant for a local chain of restaurants. She is currently pursuing her masters degree. In her free time she enjoys powerlifting and spending time with her rescue German Shepherd, Elsa. 
Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs

Meet Ashley

Ashley is 21 years old and lives in North Carolina. She is a junior in college majoring in Supply Chain Management. Ashley works at her University's gym and enjoys cooking, working out, hiking and training for powerlifting meets in her free time. 
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs

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