About us

About us

Our company

Melody Lane was conceived with the idea of bringing pregnant and nursing women fashionable clothing that they could wear beyond pregnancy and breastfeeding; clothing that was adaptable to a pregnant or nursing woman’s current needs, but that she could wear long after her baby was born and weaned. 

Our mission

Melody Lane is a fashion collection hand curated to meet a woman’s needs during every stage of her life. Our mission is to carry versatile clothing that energizes the modern woman before, during, and after pregnancy, through nursing, and well beyond.

Choose from a selection of beautifully designed, high-quality clothing options from our favorite brands that fit your life stage perfectly, all with a reasonable price tag (nothing over $100!). We take the guesswork out of looking good. Whether you need an outfit for school, work, pregnancy, breastfeeding, vacation, or a party, it’s all here and it's all adaptable for the stages most women go through. So no more searching for what you want or need. We choose the best for you!

Elena & Dani, Owners

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